Madrid Spigot Range

The Madrid Spigot Range

This week’s featured item is the Madrid Single Friction Spigot range. Available in a range of finishes for the core drill and base plated options, they make the perfect spigot for any glass fencing project.

The Madrid Spigots are available in a Matte Black, Satin or Polished finish like most of the products on our site to ensure that all the fencing accessories can be matched to provide a nice lasting impression for people to remember. Whether the fence will be installed on a deck or on concrete a base plated spigot will be very suitable provided the appropriate fixings are used. However, if you are installing a fence on the concrete and would like some extra stability then the core drilled spigot are also highly apt your glass fencing project. All that you would require is some grout and a core drill (also available from our site), a tap connection and power supply to be able to dig the right holes into the ground to set the spigots.

As seen in the images below, both styles (core drilled and base plated) look very similar, so it really depends on the tools you have available and how your fence will be used to decide which style you would prefer to hold the glass in place. All Madrid Single Friction Spigots are Duplex SS2205 Stainless Steel meaning that they meet all tough Australian Standards and are built to endure the harsh Australian weather.  All Madrid Spigots are single friction meaning they provide one side for adjustment to the panel in the spigot which makes it a bit cheaper in comparison to a double friction as they are easier to set the panels in a straight line yet the single friction still makes it perfectly capable for anybody to set up and install a beautiful glass fence for their pool or their balustrade.

The Madrid Spigot Range is now available and in stock at

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