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For all small orders, hardware and products that can fit in a postal satchel or small box, please select the table rate option. This includes, spigots, base plates, clamps, standoffs and hinges and other non-bulky items.

For all large orders, and orders that contain glass, posts, handrails, long items and products that are unable to be sent by a standard courier, please select the custom shipping option. If you choose the custom shipping option we will organise the cheapest possible shipping for you and send a PayPal invoice separately for shipping.
If you are unhappy with the cost of shipping, we will issue a full refund. Please note that we never profit on shipping and pass the costs directly to the customer.

We apologise for the inconvenience but due to many of our products being irregular in shape, and dealing in glass, shipping cannot always be calculated correctly and we wish to provide our customers with the lowest possible price for shipping.

If you intend on collecting your products from one of our depots, please select the custom shipping option and contact us by phone or email.

Glass handling, breakages, inherent risks and installation

  1. When handling tempered glass, the utmost care must be taken to avoid any personal lifting injury and/or glass breakages.
  2. Whilst tempered safety glass, when broken will shatter into small cube like shapes these small fragments of glass can still cause small lacerations to skin when handled.
  3. If in any case the tempered glass does shatter always ensure that gloves are worn for the clean-up. Heavy duty steel dust pan and brush should be used and glass placed in a small vessel then carried to a larger refuse bin.
  4. Glass thicknesses of 10mm and 12mm in the panel sizes we sell can weigh anything up to 70kg per panel. Care must be taken and correct, safe lifting practises must be employed to minimise the risk of back injury. Always use your legs to lift rather than your back, crouching down with a straight back and rising up slowly with one hand placed underneath the panel and one on the side to stabilise it.
  5. Always ensure that the path where the glass will be carried is free from obstructions and trip hazards. If possible a third or fourth person should act as a spotter and guide the people carrying the glass through the safest route possible.
  6. DIY frameless Glass accepts NO responsibility for any injury or lass or damage to property through the mishandling of glass and hardware products.

Returning Products

  1. Care must be taken when placing an order to ensure that the correct products are ordered to suit your project. Returns that are through no fault of DIY Frameless Glass will attract a restocking fee of 25% of the product returned and the freight costs of the return will be borne by the customer. This cost should be calculated carefully by the customer as it may be the case that the freight is more expensive than the amount requested to be refunded.
  2. Glass must be returned in a clean state with corner caps, cork and shrink on panels as new.  If glass in unclean or missing caps etc and cannot be resold ‘as new’ a cleaning fee will be applied.  NOTE: Damaged/scratched glass will not be accepted for credit.
  3. Hardware must be returned in it’s full original undamaged packaging ‘as new’.
  4. All products delivered through freight companies should be unpacked within the first 48 hours after being delivered to inspect for breakages or damaged products.
  5. Glass should not be left stacked together with no space between panels as this can attract moisture to form in between the panels. Sometimes this can cause staining of the glass. DIY Frameless Glass accepts no responsibility for staining that occurs to glass if we are not notified within 48 hours of delivery.
  6. The stainless-steel products that DIY Frameless Glass sells is either of the 316l marine grade or Duplex2205 variety. Whilst the name stainless steel does imply the steel will not tarnish this cannot be guaranteed. All types of stainless steel requires maintenance and when not done regularly tea-staining or tarnishing can occur. DIY Frameless Glass recommends a high polish finish of the stainless steel for coastal areas within 35km of the ocean.
  7. DIY Frameless Glass accepts no responsibility for incorrect or inappropriate products ordered through our website.
  8. Returns must be within 60 days.  

Your local laws, by-laws and regulations

  1. Whilst DIY Frameless Glass is happy to assist with the design aspects of your glass pool fence or balustrade, DIY Frameless Glass does not accept any responsibility for glass not being installed according to local laws, by-laws or regulations.
  2. The glass that DIY frameless Glass is manufactured to match or exceed Australian Standards for glass pool fencing or glass balustrade. DIY Frameless Glass does not accept any responsibility for glass that is not installed for it designed purpose. Ie. Glass pool fencing is for that purpose only, balustrade glass is designed for that purpose only.
  3. Please consult local authorities in regard to pool fencing laws and balustrade regulations for correct height and gap distances etc. DIY Frameless Glass does not accept any responsibility for non-compliance with these laws, rules and regulations. If necessary enlist the assistance of a local building or pool fence inspector to ensure your glass fence or balustrade project is being constructed to suit the laws, rules and regulations in your area.
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