Nanorail Product Review

This week’s featured product is the 316I Marine Grade Stainless Steel Nanorail which is a part of our Handrail range. The easiest to install and fully compliant handrail that sits on top of any 10-12mm thick toughened glass panel.

The Nanorail is the go-to handrail for most DIY Frameless Glass jobs that require a handrail due to the fact that it is so easy to install and still creates an unobstructed view for guests and owners. Available in Polished, Satin and Powder Coated Black finishes with prices ranging from $130.90-$132 for the 5800mm length and $71.50 for the shorter 2900mm length. The handrail is usually fixed to the glass with a silicon layer in the U channel of the rail and then placed on top of the glass between wall fixings or end caps for compliance.

There is a range of other accessories that may be needed with the Nanorail lengths as most glass fences require other items such as 90-degree joiners, 180-degree straight joiners or the adjustable horizontal and vertical joiners which are all available from our site ready in the 3 stocked finishes. As seen in the images below the Nanorail’s presence is almost unnoticeable yet still creates a secure railing on the glass.

Nanorail can also be used when creating stability between panels instead of using the traditional Rigi clamps between the glass which is why it can be seen on some pool fences particularly those in windy areas or on timber decks. The main purpose and use for this handrail however is that in the unlikely event of a glass panel breakage on a balustrade system is that there would still be a Slimline Steel bar providing some form of security and barrier for people whist a replacement panel is being prepared. Ask our staff about what you need to create a safe balustrade that will comply with the building Code of Australia, you may need to also consult your certifier or in some cases an engineer.

The slimline look of the Nanorail and the durability of the 316l Marine grade Stainless Steel has made it a number one choice for thousands of Australians. This is also why it is a preferred option over a timber handrail or the offset handrail range as it is so easy to install and gives a beautiful finishing touch for a glass fencing project.

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