Custom coloured powder coated glass fencing spigots

Glass fencing spigots were for a long time only available in satin and polish finishes. But as glass pool fencing and glass balustrades became more popular and more affordable for homes and the demand for other finishing options, we saw the introduction of the matt black option. Matt black glass fencing spigots have been around for a few years now and many customers have asked if there are other colours available.

Due to demand for spigots to be available in different colours to match our customer’s colour scheme of their properties, the Madrid glass fencing spigot range are now available in just about any colour and tint possible.

The Madrid core drill, base plated and vertical spigots can be custom powder coated from a huge range of DULUX and INTERPON finishes and create a truly unique frameless glass pool fence and frameless glass balustrade.

Madrid Spigot Features

  • Large range of colours available for job lot powder coating
  • Premium commercial powder coat finishes available
  • Interpon D2525 series
  • Dulux Premium series (Duratec & Electro ranges)
  • Contact us for the colour selection available
  • Australia’s best practice powder coating is followed: Whip blast followed by an epoxy primer and then powder coated at a premium facility in Brisbane

We have been in the glass pool fencing and glass balustrade business for almost 20 years now and consider ourselves experts in the industry. When you deal with us you get a professional service, the cheapest price and only the best products.

All products including the Madrid spigot range that are listed on our website are used in our glass fencing and glass balustrade installations.

If you would like to have our installers quote on your custom glass pool fence or glass balustrade, please contact us at .au.

If you have any enquiries or would like to order custom coloured Madrid spigots for your DIY glass fencing project, please contact us using any of the contact options found on this page.

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