Our comprehensive range of stainless steel wire. Wire balustrade combined with timber and glass provides a modern finish to any home with the highest quality electropolished SS316 wire.

We offer everything you need to create a stunning stainless steel wire balustrade.

The team at DIY Frameless Glass & Pool Fencing supplies are excited to offer our customers an additional balustrade solution & service. Stainless steel wire is a popular choice for residential and commercial settings. Combine it with timber and glass for the aesthetic you are looking for.

Wire balustrade provides a modern & stylish finish which may be installed stand alone or in combination with timber posts, handrails or glass. We offer everything you need to create a stunning stainless-steel wire balustrade.

This highly durable & stylish material undergoes an ultrasonic electropolish process further improving the corrosion resistant properties of the stainless steel, resulting in a shiny smooth bright wire finish. With 25 years of manufacturing excellence, consistency and quality is assured. Whether you are doing long straight runs, or preparing for an angled install on a staircase, DIY Frameless Glass & pool fencing supplies have got you covered.

The Breezewire range

We are a one-stop shop for the trade industry, supplying a wide range of the highest quality stainless steel wire products at amazing  prices.


7x7 wire rope

3.2mm thick SS316 wire / 100m or 305m rolls

1x19 wire rope

3.2mm thick SS316 wire / 100m or 305m rolls

Posts & accessories

Do we provide post kits, or can you use your existing posts?

We supply a variety of handrail, end posts, mid posts & 90° posts with the end posts being drilled and tapped and mid posts pre-drilled to allow for your wire runs. Depending on the application, you may be able to use your existing posts, provided that you have enough of them along the run to minimize wire deflection (sagging).

Fittings are not necessary for mid posts however; the end posts must be suitable to accommodate the fixing fittings needed for the posts on start and end wire runs. For example, if you have Timber end posts in good condition – then Lag Eye screw fittings could be suitable for you.


Produced by a single manufacturer with 25 years of production excellence. Consistency of quality assured.


Electropolish process improves corrosion resistance and provides a shiny and smooth surface.


Extra ultrasonic washing step ensures the brightest wire finish available for every roll we produce.

Let us do it for you. We provide a complete cut and swage service. Provide your opening sizes and we’ll do the rest.


Popular installation options

We provide three kinds of wire installation types that depend on suitability and personal preference.

Swageless Wire

Swaged Wire

Breezewire Hand Swaging

Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Simply fill out the information form below and the DIY team will contact you and work alongside you to organise to have the breeze wire balustrade system of your choice measured, cut, & swaged – all ready for you to install. The following form allows our staff to fast track your requirements. There will be additional requirements needed such as lengths required and we can also help with the selections you make so that your breeze wire and post selections ( if posts are required) are exactly as you require.

Don’t want to fill out the form and would prefer to call us? No problem! Give us a call and we can assist in all your DIY Breeze Wire balustrade requirements. 

Order Form

    If using existing posts, which of the following post and wire spreader options are you looking for?

    Which stainless steel breeze wire configuration are you looking for?

    What stainless steel wire are you looking for?

    What handrail system are you looking for?

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