Black Spigots Black Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Hardware

Black Spigots | Black Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Hardware

Black spigots and matching black glass pool fencing hardware has become the most popular choice in finish in 2020. Once only available in polish and satin finishes, powder coated matt black spigots are now dominating the glass pool fencing and glass balustrade industry.

Pairing black powder coated spigots  with other black hardware such as black handrails, black hinges and black gate latches has allowed our customers to match their glass pool fence and glass balustrades with existing dark tones and shades that exist on their property. Previously this has not been possible and the end result can be truly amazing when executed properly.

We have four types of spigots available in black, base plated, top fix, core drilled and face mount.
These four types of spigots are all suited to different types of glass pool fencing applications.

Black Base Plated Spigot (Sold with Matching Black Cover Plate)

Base plated spigots can be used for any application, verandas, decks and patios. These spigots are a DIYers dream spigot. Very versatile and can be screwed into timber decks via 304/316 stainless batten screws. Can also be fixed to concrete using concrete 8mm – 10mm dynabolts  with minimum length of 80mm.


Black Top Fix Spigot

The Madrid Deluxe Top Fix Spigot is a square design with no visible fixings. The patented design uses a internal lag screw. This Spigot is best suited to tiled and waterproofed areas. This spigot is designed to eradicate comprising waterproofing membrane by fixing prior to waterproofing and tiling.  Also well suited for narrow beam installations. Minimum of 70mm width.

Face Mount Black Spigots

The Madrid face mount spigot (left) and Adjustable Smarter Spigot (right) can be fixed to timber and masonry using chemset threaded rod or 304/316 stainless batten screws. These spigots are very user friendly and are double powder coated for superior adhesion of coatings.


Black Core Drilled Spigot

Core drilled spigots are designed for use on a concrete base. A 76mm hole is drilled 120mm deep and the core drilled spigot is set using HES Sica, Bostick or Polaris epoxy grout. Ideal for setting heights and levels with fall in concrete.

What Spigot do I use?

Not sure what type of spigot you require for your DIY glass pool fencing project or if black spigots and black hardware will suit your property? Simply give us a call, send us an email or fill in the contact form on our website and we will gladly assist in making sure you choose the right spigot.

The owner of DIY Frameless Glass, Jason Walsh, is an award winning glass pool fencing designer and has designed and installed thousands of glass pool fences over the last two decades. The 2020 Master Builders house of the year was just one of the properties on the Gold Coast that Jason designed and installed glass pool fencing and glass balustrade on. And yes, black spigots and black hardware was used throughout, and the exact same hardware that is sold on this website.

All spigots sold at DIY Frameless Glass are heavy duty duplex 2205 stainless steel and meet Australian standards and load requirements.

Checkout our range of black spigots here.

Black Spigots - Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Gallery

For more examples of spigots and glass fencing hardware used in black, please visit our installation website

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